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About Us

Ursa Fight & Fitness is a new company from Athens, Greece, finding its way in the worlds of martial arts and outdoor clothes. As a fresh company, we come with a strong love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a liking for the natural world, and a passion for exploring. Being athletes ourselves, we get what athletes like and understand what they need. we’re all about creating top-notch gear. Always striving for improvement, we’re on a journey to make our products even better. Join us on this adventure where we blend tradition with fresh ideas, always aiming for the highest quality.


Ursa is a Latin word meaning bear.

Serenity in the Wild: Bears exude a calm strength, embodying the peaceful power of nature

Majestic and Mighty: Their remarkable strength symbolizes the raw beauty of the wilderness.

Icons of Resilience: Bears represent the enduring splendor and robustness of the natural world.

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